Benefits Of SNAP Training Include

Recreational and Academy Tracks Available
Dance Class Packages Available
Convenient Class Times
Convenient On-line Registration and Payment Classes for All Ages and Genders
A Safe Environment for Students to Learn
Self-Confidence Building
Community Atmosphere
Dance Camps
Special Events Parties

School Days Off Events
Performers of the Month
Experience the Benefits of Dance Training:
Building Confidence
Personal Expression
Increasing Gross Motor Skills
Developing Musicality and Rhythm
A Creative and Physical Outlet
Nurturing Artistic Exploration
Developing Discipline
Discovering the Benefits of Hard Work
And soooo much more!


SNAP, LLC, a fully inclusive institution, believes firmly that a quality performing arts education prepares students of all ages, genders, and abilities for lifelong  enjoyment, appreciation, and continuation of the arts. 

Arts education instills values in a child that will follow them throughout their life, including discipline, follow-through, promptness, preparedness, poise, confidence, team-work, and most importantly, a love for the arts and for performing.

See What Parents Have Been Saying

Studio North Academy of the Performing Arts, LLC, has been a steadfast institution for many years, led by Pamela Fox. Her students not only learn dance, but how to move out into the world with professional skills that influence the rest of their lives, whether they become professional dancers, doctors, lawyers, or to just have fun learning. Fox engages her students with emotional intelligence that exceeds expectations of themselves and audiences. Studio North gets accolades, and it’s performances in business accomplishments. The Academy is a highly respected and valued member of its own, but the greater Chicago dance community.
Joel Hall
Noted Choreographer

The SNAP Nutcracker show was wonderful! You’ve created a supportive and nurturing environment for the dancers to shine, which allows us families to sit back and enjoy this holiday classic. So happy and beautiful. It was exciting to see so many of them highlighted and succeed because they were given featured moments with movement that showed their strength while also supporting the flavor of the show.
Former Parent

I want to thank you for 8 years of being a supportive and influential person in my daughter’s life. You and the studio have literally helped shape her and I appreciate the values of inclusivity, collaboration, dependability, discipline, and most of all – caring – that you helped to instill in her.
Former Parent

SNAP is beloved by Wilmette residents! Everyone praises Miss Pamela for her teaching, her instructors, and how well she runs Snap.
Current Parent

It has a great and fun environment to be in. It’s also a great dance studio that is just ready to accept anyone. It’s a place where you can create a family and feel so welcome to have so much fun.
Current Student

Talented teachers, who will teach your child excellent technique while nourishing their love of dance.
Current Parent


How Sessions Work: SNAP runs in sessions through the school year and Summer, and dancers are expected to continue in their same level and class through the year from Fall to Winter to Spring to maximize appropriate, safe and proper training. We work on skills in the current level in Fall, without the pressure of learning routines, and then gradually learn recital routines in Winter and Spring. Students participating the entire year are prioritized for enrollment in recital classes.

Levels: SNAP’s levels have been meticulously crafted to progress students in an appropriate manner, without pushing students to execute steps before they are ready.  It is imperative that training in dance is slow and steady for appropriate progress in all dance forms.  We strongly recommend pairing Ballet with all other dance forms in the Recreational levels (it is required 2x/week for the Academy track).  This permits dancers to have a stronger body and be able to progress year to year appropriately.

Rescheduled Classes: During the season, in-person classes will inevitably be moved to Zoom for numerous reasons, including periods of inclement weather, or for instructor illness. In the event class is moving to Zoom we will send notifications vi email and post on social media (Facebook and Instagram).

DANCE CLASSES: Dance students are expected to be prepared to begin class on-time, dressed appropriately, be ready to focus on dance and to applaud and thank the instructor upon the conclusion of each class.  Please drop your child at the studio 5 minutes prior to class, and have them wait in the hallways.

Attendance:  We understand that dancers have to miss class from time to time. Dancers have two weeks to make up a missed lesson in a similarly leveled class.

Tardiness:  Tardiness is dangerous to the dancer as it prohibits him/her from being able to warm up properly. Additionally, it puts students at a disadvantage in the learning process, and can delay development and promotion to the next level.  Repeated offenses will not be tolerated.  Please register for a class to which you can attend on time regularly.  SNAP LLC reserves the right to have the tardy student sit and watch (and not participate).

Behavior:  Students are expected to behave respectfully to fellow students as well as the instructor. Students who are disruptive during class will be asked to either take “time out” within the class room or, depending on the situation and age of the student, be asked to leave the room for the duration of the class.

MUSIC LESSONS: Lessons are scheduled for 30 minutes.  Classes will begin and end on time.  Tardiness will not be made up.  Each student is expected to bring with them their binder or book of sheet music, a pencil, water (singers only), their instrument (if guitar), and a good attitude.  Musicians are expected to practice each week between lessons to allow for maximum growth.  Rescheduling lessons is up to the individual instructor, and is not guaranteed.

Please NOTE: SNAP Staff reserves the right to place a child in the proper level according to their ability. You can anticipate that for most students, they will remain in the same level for 2-3 years for Ballet / Jazz / Hip Hop Levels.  Please respect the choices of the instructor, as it is made for the safety and growth of your child.

Dress Code

  • Female-identifying students: Pink tights, pink ballet shoes with the elastics secured (sewn) to the shoes, black leotard (any color leotard is acceptable for Kindergarten and Preschool levels).
  • Male-identifying or Non-Binary students: black tights, black ballet shoes, white t-shirt.
  • No skirts will be permitted, except in Preschool and Kindergarten levels.
  • Long hair must be NEATLY pulled back into a secure bun. Hairstyling in class will not be tolerated and repeated offenses will result in dismissal from class.
  • No dangling earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.

 Solid-colored tank top or leotard, yoga/dance pants, but NO JEANS/CORDUROYS/SWEATS are permitted.

Check with office about shoe requirement (mary jane/oxford). Purchase your shoes at Allegro Dance Boutique on Central St. in Evanston or Body and Sole in Northfield. NO split sole tap shoes. Hair MUST be secured off the neck and face. Hairstyling in class will not be tolerated and repeated offenses will result in dismissal from class.

Solid-colored tank top or leotard and shorts, but NO JEANS/CORDUROYS/SWEATS are permitted.

Flesh-colored jazz shoes for Jazz class; flesh-colored dance paws for Modern and Lyrical, black Hip Hop shoes – split sole dance sneakers – (NOT street shoes) for Hip Hop. No street shoes, especially in Hip Hop, are permitted on any dance floor, for the cleanliness and life of the floor.

Hair MUST be secured off the neck and face. Hairstyling in class will not be tolerated and repeated offenses will result in dismissal from class.

SNAP has a STRICT “no-refund” policy.  Therefore, please be certain that you are enrolling for the proper class, and that you can attend the class.

Payment must be made in full at the beginning of each session, unless a payment plan has been made with the office.  Late payments received after a 7-day grace period will be subject to a $20 late fee penalty.  Any student NOT current with their account after 2 weeks will not be permitted to continue in class.

Register and Pay Online: You may register and pay at any time of day online or call us to register.

Please note: Students are automatically pre-registered for continuing into the next session in their same day and time. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the studio if the student will not continue. Accounts will automatically be charged once a student appears in class in a new session.

SNAP Calendar:

Spring Session begins April 1, 2024

Spring Recital, Sunday, June 2, 2024

Summer Begins Monday, June 17, 2024

Fall Session begins Monday, September 9, 2024