SNAP’s Academy Track is intended for more serious dancers.  Students have a minimum class requirement depending on age, which includes ballet class twice per week at a minimum, along with other classes.  Because the Academy Track is intended for the more goal-oriented student, dancers are expected to maintain attendance and dress code as well as other expectations.

All company dancers must participate in the Academy Track.  Forms are available in the lobby to register for the Academy program.  In most cases, a placement class will be required.  Placements in class levels are by studio-owner and teacher discretion only.  For those interested in our dance performance troupes, Company information is found on the Company page.


You have the option to register for class virtually for the entire season. Should your dancer feel ill in any way, or a member of your household is ill, or you are returning from a state that has been mandated for a 14 day quarantine, your dancer should participate virtually from home until everyone is feeling better. All students and staff within the building will be in masks for the duration.

Summer 2021 Session will run from June 14-August 6, 2021

Intermediate Ballet: Tuesday, 5:45pm and Thursday, 4pm

Advanced Ballet: 5:15pm

Jazz 3: Monday, 4:15pm

Jazz 3B: Tuesday, 4:45pm

Jazz 4/5: Monday, 5:15pm

Intermediate Tap: Thursday, 4:15pm

Advanced Tap: Thursday, 5:15pm

Academy Lyrical: Tuesday at 3:45pm

Academy Contemporary: Monday at 6:45pm and Tuesday at 5:45pm

Fall 2021 Session will run from August 30-December 19, 2021


Ballet Intermediate 1: Wednesday at 6:30pm, Thursday at 6:30pm, Sunday at 11am

Ballet Intermediate 2: Tuesday at 6:30pm, Wednesday at 6:15pm, Sunday at 11am

Ballet Intermediate 3/Advanced: Monday at 6pm, Wednesday at 6:15pm, Thursday at 7:15pm, Saturday at 10am


Jazz 3A: Monday at 6pm

Jazz 3B: Tuesday at 6:15pm

Jazz 4: Thursday at 7:15pm

Jazz 4B/5: Monday at 7:15pm

Jazz 5/6: Wednesday at 8:15pm


Beginning Contemporary: Thursday at 5:15pm

Continuing Contemporary: Thursday at 6:15pm

Advanced Contemporary: Monday at at 8pm


Lyrical: Thursday at 4:15pm

Pre-Pointe: Thursday at 5pm


Choreography Class: Sunday at 2pm

Musical Theatre: Monday at 8:15pm


Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT): Thursday at 8:15pm