Pre-school and Kindergarten Dance Class Schedule

SNAP believes pre-school dance will enrich the lives of all children.  Our program is designed to accommodate the needs of every child, during the students’ most formative years.  Dance class will enhance your child’s life by re-enforcing his/her listening skills, establish manners, aid in his/her ability to follow directions, introduce rhythm and musicality, increase body awareness, enhance gross motor skills and spatial awareness, and especially, by encouraging his/her imagination to take him/her to new places!

How to choose the right class for your child:

2-3 years old  (Baby Ballet): Gross motor skill development begins here.  Students will work on listening skills, work with props, listen and dance to directive songs, practice gallops, marches, walks on tip toes, twirling, sing songs,  and most of all, use their imaginations to create, within a safe and warm environment.  This is an adult-accompanied class.

3-4 years old (Story Ballet): Gross motor skill development continues in this age range.  This age group will work on listening skills/following directions, pointing/flexing their feet, gross motor skills, imaginative play, listen to a story and act it out, use props, and learn very basic ballet terminology. This is an on-my-own class.

4-5 years old (Pre-school Ballet or Pre-school Tap): Dancers begin to widen their vocabulary of ballet/tap steps and positions, continue to work on gross motor and beginning fine motor skills, port de bras, classroom behavioral expectations, beginning musicality, and will participate in their first recital if enrolled through recital season.

5-6 years old (Kindergarten Ballet, Kindergarten Tap, or Kindergarten Jazz):  Kindergartners will continue to grow as dancers by learning more steps in this level.  This is our first year for Jazz class for any dancer.  Many children pair Ballet and Tap for more comprehensive training.


Please review our Covid safety rules (until everyone can be vaccinated). Masks are required for all dancers and adults in the building. Should your dancer feel ill in any way, or a member of your household is ill, or you are returning from a state that has been mandated for a quarantine, your dancer should participate virtually from home until everyone is feeling better. All students and staff within the building will be in masks for the duration. By registering for class, you acknowledge and agree that there will be no-refunds issued, even if the class is forced online for the remainder of the session.

Fall 2021 Session runs August 30-October 30, 2021

Late Fall 2021 Session runs November 1-December 19, 2021. Registration OPENS September 23, 2021 for Late Fall.

(closed Thanksgiving week)

(updated 10/4/21 for Fall session)

*NEW* Ballet/Jazz Combo class: Monday, 5:30-6:30pm, ages 5-7 (LATE FALL CLASS, begins November 1)

Baby Ballet (parent-accompanied class): Monday at 10am (HAS SPACE), Friday at 9:30am (FULL)

Story Ballet: Wednesday at 1pm, Thursday at 10am (FULL, but please get on the waitlist so we can open another section) and 1pm (FULL), Friday at 10:30am (FULL) and 11:15am, Saturday at 9:15am (FULL)

Preschool Ballet: Monday at 11am (HAS SPACE), 1pm (HAS SPACE), Tuesday at 1pm (HAS SPACE), Wednesday at 2pm (HAS SPACE), Thursday at 11am (HAS SPACE) and 3:30pm (HAS SPACE)

Kindergarten Ballet: Monday at 2pm and 3:45pm (FULL) and 4:35pm (FULL), Tuesday at 3:30pm (HAS SPACE), Wednesday at 3:30pm (HAS SPACE), Thursday at 3:30pm (HAS SPACE) , Saturday at 9:15am (FULL – moving to 9am on Saturday in Late Fall) and 10:15am (NEW!)

Kindergarten Jazz: Monday at 3pm (FULL), Tuesday at 2:45pm (HAS SPACE)

Preschool/Kindergarten Tap: Tuesday at 2pm (FULL), Tuesday at 3:15pm (NEW!)

Want to create your own class? We have time for Preschool classes on Mondays at 2pm and Fridays at 2:30pm. 5-student minimum required. Call us to discuss!

Please note: Students are automatically pre-registered for continuing into the next session in their same day and time. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the studio if the student will not continue. Accounts will automatically be charged once a student appears in class in a new session.