Q: How much do classes cost? 

A: It depends how many classes you take per week.  Currently, one class per week costs $17.50 for dance, and $32/30 minutes  for a private voice lesson.  Please check the About Us page for a full break-down.

Q: What is the Academy Track?

A: Academy Track is for students who are more serious about dance, wish to advance through the program quicker, and wish to take higher levels of dance.  Academy Track starts at Intermediate Ballet 1 and Jazz 3.  All Academy students MUST take 2 ballet/week to continue in an Academy class.  WE DO NOT MAKE EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.  This is due to the athletic nature of the dance classes; it is for safety reasons.  Students will poor attendance will not be permitted  to continue in Academy classes.  Academy students receive progress reports in December and June, to track their progress.

Q: Why did the system drop me overnight?

A: Unfortunately, with our current pandemic capacity limitations, any unpaid registrations are taking up spots, and we really must have each class filled with students intending to take class.  Often, while clicking around, students will accidentally become registered with no intention of participating.  When this happens, SNAP loses the opportunity to teach students who wish to be in the class.

Q: Do I need to re-register for the Winter session?

A:  We automatically pre-register everyone for the Winter session.  You must  tell us by December 15th if you need to make a change.

Q: Can I try a class without registering?

A: You must sign a waiver prior to taking a class, but you can absolutely try a class for $18.  There may or may not be availability in the class you try, though.

Q: What is the Dance Company and how do I join?

A: Our dance company is designed for kids who love to dance and wish to perform, compete, make lifelong dance friends, and participate in leadership and chàr@cater building activities. Each level has minimum class requirements, weekend rehearsals, and many more performance opportunities.  Auditions are usually held in early June, the Wednesday after the recital.  If interested in auditioning, please consider that ballet is an essential part of our program, and your child must be taking ballet prior to auditioning.

Q: When can my child begin pointwork?

A: We, at SNAP, take pointe work very seriously.  The dancer must be taking at least 2 ballet classes/week to be invited into pre-pointe.  Pre-pointe is a strengthening class, and the dancer usually spends 6-18 months in it, depending on their strength.  The staff must all agree that the dancer is ready to be tested for pointe.  At that time, either staff or an arts-related Physical Therapist will put the dancers through a series of strength tests.  If the dancer passes, a medical doctor must sign off that the dancer is healthy and poses no risk of harm to herself by beginning pointe. Usually dancers begin the pre-pointe process between ages 11-13.

Q: Why do I have to pay for recital costumes in December if the show is in June?

A:  Every studio in the northern hemisphere is ordering recital costumes at the same time for May-June shows.  There are only a few costume companies designing anymore.  It sometimes takes 4-5 months for us to receive costumes, so we ensure that we have them by placing our order over Winter Break.

Q: Can I get a refund on my recital costume if I drop?

A: Unfortunately, no, you will own a dance recital costume. The costume companies never issue refunds.

Q: Why don’t you do refunds?

A: Once you have taken a spot, it is likely that someone else has been shut out of that class.  Once you have dropped the class, we may not be able to fill that spot.